Church Projests



THEME : ‘A wise person learns from observations’.

Proverb 6:6.  Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise. Which, having no captain, overseer or ruler, provide her supplies in the summer and gather her foods in the harvest. How long will you slumber o sluggard ?  When will you rise from your sleep ? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep, so shall your poverty come on you like a prowler and your need like an armed man.


Our churches have gone through a lot of eye-opening challenges. These challenges are numerus and as such we may not be able to be highlight all in this document. Our main focus here will be the financial ones.

We have always relied on the church offertory to meet the needs of the pastoral team, the church members who are in dire need, paying church bills and taking care of church development. With the emergence of COVID-19, many of our members lost their jobs, those working, the majority are on half pay, and now with the bleeding economy, prices are sky rocketing and as a result, the offerings have dwindled significantly. This has left the church struggling in a way that is alarming and we can’t sit and watch.

The impact of these financial challenges are now making pastors abandon churches to go and look for other jobs in an attempt to make ends meet to avoid becoming a laughing stock

Many church programs and activities are not being attended to as the ministers are being held out in their places of work

No church development program is taking off since there are no financial and human resource to facilitate their implementation. The list is endless.

What is more worrying is that there are no indicators that this is about to change, instead every indicator is showing that they are on an upward trend. The problems are upscaling and escalating.

Without any deliberate effort to counter this, the church is in for the worst.

We can’t afford to sit and watch. There is no more time for folding hands. We need to act and now and be swift in our actions.


We now need to come up with projects which will be a source of funds for our development programs

Create employment not only for our church members and for that matter, we have resolved to start up the following projects that will enable us address most of the outlined challenges and problems mentioned above.

Our focus will be more on projects which are self-sustaining, with multiple twikle down effects and having a linkage/complementing function to the other sister projects and above all, projects that will facilitate the growth and development of the kingdom of God. The following projects/programs shall be undertaken.

  1. Education
  2. Savings and credit schemes
  3. Medical/health projects
  4. Transport
  5. Agricultural programs
  6. Real astate

With these projects in place, the following issues will be addressed

  1. Income will be realized by the church thereby reducing dependence on church offerings
  2. Jobs will be created for both our church members and the technical staff in the communities
  3. Church growth and development will be realized since funds will be realized from the different projects
  4. Our children members will have access to affordable education in our schools
  5. Our funds will be kept within the organization/ little will be going out since our projects rely/depend on each other
  6. There will be access to affordable loans for our members from the savings and credit facilities
  7. Supporting the highly vulnerable people from our communities will be made possible in our schools, medical centers and supplies from the farms


The table bellow highlights the different projects, why we are taking up this project, how we intend to achieve it’s realisation and posible sources of funding











By establishing our own schools, we will be able to :

1.    Reach out to the young generations through education.

2.    Raising funds through school fees/tuition,

3.    Create employment opportunities to both our members and the community

4.    Add a brick in the education of the nation

5.    Take part in curriculum development,

6.    Play a role in the Integration of biblical principles in the education curriculum at all levels

1.    Establishing both nursery and primary schools

2.   Having discipleship classes   in the schools

3.  Having bible study      programmes in our schools

 4. Having workshops and seminars

5.  Biblical integration in the curriculum

6.  Teaching the young ones by role modeling

1.    School fees

2.    Uniforms

3.    Sponsorship

4.    Partnerships

5.    Grants

6.    Donations










By establishing our own health facilities, LICOM will be able to;

1.    Reach out to the needy in the community with medical treatment

2.    Raise funds to support other church projects and activities

3.    Create employment opportunities to both our members and the country

4.    Enable our church to treat the members of the church who cannot afford at a low course

5.    Raise awareness to the communities around us


1. In the beginning, we can rent a facility in which we can establish the clinic

2. Purchase lab equipments

3. Stock the pharmacy

4. Buy beddings for admissions

5. Recruit the medical staff

6. Do marketing for visibility

1.    Local church

2.    Partners (both local and international)

3.    Sale of shares

4.    Donations

5.    Grants









By establishing our own saving and credit scheme, our members will be able to :

1.    Raise capital through saving

2.    Increase capital through membership fees

3.    Raise funds through sale of shares

4.    Invest their funds in profit making ventures like real estates

5.    Support members to start businesses through loans


1.    Introducing mandatory monthly savings

2.    Giving out loans at a low interest rate to the members

3.    Having workshops to raise awareness in financial literacy

1.    Membership fees

2.    Sale of shares

3.    Monthly savings

4.    Donations

5.    Grants











By buying our own land and constructing our own appartements, we will be able to

1.    Acquire assets in the from of land and housses

2.    Raise funds through sales

3.    Raise funds through rentals

4.    Create employment opportunities for the people in this sector

5.    House our guests and ministers ant an affordable cost

6.    To establish our own modern cathedral.

1.    Acquiring affordable loans from our saving and credit schemes

2.    Sale of shares

3.    Savings from other projects

4.    Working with Professionals in this field


1.    Church savings

2.    Local partners

3.    International  partners

4.    Loans

5.    Donations







Establishment of a kindergarten school

A kindergarten school is the easiest to establish in the field of education. Reason being that ;

  1. At the time of establishment, your first customers will be parents whose children are just joining school for the first time as opposed to primary section where parents already will be having their children enroled in other schools thereby neccesitating them to change uniforms, teachers, friends, environments, etc. these changes make parents to think twice
  2. The cost of feeding children in this section is so low as opposed to primary since these young ones consume in small quantities, most of them study only for half day, meaning they have only breakfast at school.
  3. The cost of labour here is low since you need only one teacher per class as opposed to the primary section where you may be required to hire two or more teachers per class
  4. The number of staff required to operate a nursery school is much less as compared to the primary one
  5. A small space can accommodate many nursery children as opposed to primary who need a much bigger space
  6. The cost of furniture in this section is very much affordable as compared to the ones in primary